Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lent 2015 Challenge : P.I.G. number 3

Lent 2015 Challenge : P.I.G. number 3

The bag of mummies and bones. 

£1 shop finest Halloween decorations! 

I got these after Halloween intending to make Dia De Los Muertos decorations. I am very drawn to the original Halloween (not axe murderers and horror, that is NOT Halloween, it’s just nasty) and Day of the Dead spirituality and celebrations. The thought of playing cards, and dancing, and playing music and riding bikes after we leave this world is incredibly reassuring to me. 

These were too bone coloured and realistic and that FREAKED ME THE EFF OUT, so I have to paint it white before I start to decorate. I managed to spray paint some of them but I bought a non full can and it ran out pretty quick. 

The only task that I set myself was to paint them white, and now I’ve found them again, this might happen on the next sunny day that happens... might. 

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