Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Mission

As mentioned in I've set myself a project that I've titled The Mission. 

I have a habit, a nasty nasty habit, of gathering stuff "ooh! for an idea I'm thinking of doing", I've been doing this steadily for 10+ years, and never get around to using it (The biggest cluttering started when I started college and had less time to froo froo about with anything). This has resulted in at least 4 large "bag for life" plastic carriers and 3 or so normal small plastic carriers of PAPER ALONE, plus another large carrier of the wrapping bunches of flowers come in (only the decorative stuff!). So in the summer I decided to organize the bags. If nothing else I'd have nice neat clutter! first I separated it into Sheets, Small decorative things, and Books. Then later into themes Christmas, Victorian & Halloween (I don't know why but they always seem to go hand in hand!), Spring, etc. (It took 2 days and I gathered a normal size carrier for recycling - wow!). I also have a habit of becoming obsessed with something/someone, gathering all manner of things to do with it, becoming overwhelmed by everything, and move on to some other obsession, etc. etc. leaving myself with a big heap I don't know what to do with! Around the same time I saw a horrific journal for sale, I thought it was horrible BUT it sparked the germ of an idea. I liked the sewn in scraps of material and ricrac (is that what it's called?? the S shaped ribbon stuff, often found on 70's & 80's "fashions". I both dislike and LOVE that stuff!) I could use the paper and make books. Quote books, Themed books. THIS BECAME MY MISSION. 

So here's the mission rules 

1 Use only papers from the bags (print other backgrounds ONLY where it's perfect for that page's theme.) 
2 Print ONLY what is essential to the pages/book. Pictures/quotes/sayings/infos. DO NOT ADD TO THE BAG! 
3 Use other decorative things that have been in crafting purgatory for years to snazzy up the pages. 
4 Use up more than you leave for something else. 

and finally laminate the whole thing. 

I've been getting along just swell (in between time-travelling to 1950's America!) though I'm a little overwhelmed cos I over organized things and have 5 bags in my "Halloween" category alone! 

So far I've gathered together for books of 
Oscar Wilde 
Mother Teresa 
Russell Brand 
Bob Dylan (this one'll be HUGE, cos he's a genius, and was uber cute!) 
Charles Dickens 

I've started books on 
Marilyn Monroe. 

and FINISHED (apart from that pesky bow tying it all together that looks realllllly goony and will have to be fixed) 
The Raven. 

While doing this I've realised I REALLY like layers and embellishments (though at the same time keeping it flat, cos, you know, it's got to go through a laminator). 

Pictures to come!