Saturday, 28 March 2015

Lent 2015 Challenge : P.I.G. number 2 : Fairy House Pencil Roll Update

Lent 2015 Challenge : P.I.G. number 2 : Fairy House Pencil Roll Update

This was a much bigger task than anticipated. When Lent began I thought I had to finish only 1 roll and make one, but I had to make 2. I don’t know why but each one took a really long time. It is knitted in a sort of fair isle style (although the wool is the same colour) and each one took me a couple of days if I stuck at just that. 

I made a few changes to the original pattern, which requires a lot more wool (2 lots of wool held double = 4 balls all together) but I was rolling balls from a yarn cone and misunderstood what was happening, so only did one lot, which is just as well, because I don’t think I would have had enough had I made up all the balls needed! 
I also changed the cast on stitches to around the length of A4 paper, a couple of inches bigger than the most of one colour of pencils, which was more stitches than the crochet hooks and less than the knitting needles. I also did my knitting to the lengths of the pencils, rather than the hooks and needles the pattern is originally for. 

The roofs are the colour of the pencils inside, and are made of knobbly bobbly yarn, which I think looks like moss, in this case it’s so thin I wound up to 10 balls off to make it the right thickness. That many balls mean absolute chaos at times, they like to twist around each other, making big ol knots and loops and it take hours to undo them (more time has been spent unknotting the blue roof than knitting it!) 

This has been paused for the moment because one of my blue threads has run out and the yarn cone has done a runner, and I can’t start another roof because they are my only set of DPNS in that size. 

Original pattern from Tiny Owl Knits

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