Friday, 27 March 2015

Lent 2015 Challenge : P.I.G. number 2.

Lent 2015 Challenge : P.I.G. number 2. 

I originally planned to finish one bag then start on another, pah!, any crafter knows THAT’S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. 

Here is P.I.G. number 2. 

Primarni Zebra in Heels bag. 

Left to Right 

Corvus double knitting scarf 

Tiny Owl Knits knitting needle / crochet hook Fairy House holder, 

A whole heap of unravelled wool 

Double point needles, 

Tiny Owl Knits knitting needle / crochet hook Fairy House holder 

I have been planning for a couple of years to make a pencil roll, with pockets matching the pencil colours. I haven’t gotten around to it (disgraceful) partly because I couldn’t work out how or whether to make a boxy pocket or leave it flat, and partly because I couldn’t be bothered to work it out!
Then I saw these delightful Fairy House hook and needle holders. Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles are roughly the same shape as Pencils… Aha!

Corvus Scarf

Available from Alasdair Post-Quinn’s Ravelry

Double Knitting seems to be the sort of delightfully creative thing that any self-respecting Ravenclaw would take on. As soon as this Ravenclaw saw it, I thought What better than a (Corvus) Raven (Crow, Jackdaw) scarf in the Ravenclaw house colours?? 

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