Thursday, 26 March 2015

Lent 2015 Challenge : P.I.G. number 1.

Lent 2015 Challenge : P.I.G. number 1.
The cute little woodland creatures bag.


Clockwise  from top
Tiny Owl Knits knitting needle / crochet hook Fairy House holder

(in plastic bag) Tiny Owl Knits Mr Fox Stole My Heart

Tiny bag of fox eyes!

Fox mittens 50p from Primarni

Plans for Amirgurami Fox from left over yarn from Mr Fox Stole

Tiny Owl Knits Mr Fox Stole My Heart 

I bought this book for the deer hat on the cover and a couple of other patterns inside. I wasn’t so sure about the Mr Fox Stole, but mum enthused about making it for my God-daughter for Christmas, which I then made and by the time I finished it I loved it so much I had to make myself one.

Patterns can be downloaded from Tiny Owl Knit's Ravelry

Book from

Foxy Mittens 
I’ve developed a tiny obsession with these fingerless gloves with a hood. I also love foxes.

50p in a sale from Primark, I just couldn't leave them there, but these poor foxes desperately needed a change of face!
Amigurami Fox

Pattern from Timic's Home 

Last year I planned to finish projects during Lent, so I started a lot of things, most of which are still waiting to be finished now, then I was then plagued with hayfever (or rather pollen fever) and ear-aches and tooth aches and I couldn’t think clearly enough to do ANYTHING, for the full of Lent I moped on the sofa complaining about how itchy/sneezy/sore I was. This year I did the same, I started this chap’s little nose, a couple of stitches on a hook technically does mean it was *started*

Am I going to finish him? Likely not, but he is there as another thing in case I clear all the bags on my bike!


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